Holiday Promotions

Don’t pass on these rare savings!  Check our these new packages we put together for your well-being.

One Hour Float Session

60 Minutes

Now $35            Regular $75

Buoyantly rest in our salt-water wonder as your body renews itself with the equivalent of 4 hours of sleep in just one hour!



2 One-Hour Floatation Sessions

120 Minutes

Now $55            Regular $150

You can now escape all the sensory overload by enjoying 2 one-hour floatation sessions. Unwind and recharge as the healing salt water revives your body and refreshes your mind!


90 Minute Massage

90 Minutes

Now $59           Regular $95

Feel the pain and tension melt away as our expert therapists work out knots and help induce a calm, relaxed sense of well-being. This 90 minute massage is definitely the best choice for the stressed and tired individual.


4 Halotherapy Treatments

45 Minutes Each

Now $45            Regular $180

Do you ever experience issues with breathing? Most if not all of us do whether it’s because of a chronic condition such as asthma, emphysema, cystic fibrosis or even a sinus infection, bronchitis and allergies. Halotherapy is a 45 minute salt vapor treatment which helps to increase lung capacity, decreases inflammation and brings mental clarity.


Massage & Floatation Package

90 Minutes

Now $99            Regular $120

Unwind and relax by first receiving a focused therapeutic massage for 30 minutes followed by an hour long blissful float which will leave you feeling balanced and renewed.


Pure Bliss Package

80 Minutes

Now $99                Reg. $120

Lessen the stress in your life with this reviving body treatment.  A 30 minute therapeutic massage, infrared detox body wrap and hydromassage bath are included in this treatment.