Several massage therapy modalities are available to you.

Whether you need to zone out with a full body relaxation massage, specific care for localized pain/tension or an advanced clinical approach to healing – we offer the services you need.


Therapeutic Massage

Let go of muscle tension as you enjoy this soothing, therapeutic massage treatment that restores your body and mind while relieving your muscles of chronic stress. This is a combination of Swedish & Deep Tissue Techniques.

90 minutes | $95      60 minutes | $65       30 minutes | $45

Ultra Deep Bamboo Massage

This therapy uses bamboo sticks that have been polished and designed to deliver deep bodywork.  Rhythmic movements combined with wholesome warmth make this treatment any deep tissue lovers’ dream come true.

60 minutes | $75

Hot Stone Massage

Reduce muscle tension and stress with the deep soothing warmth of basalt stones specially selected for your body’s contours.  Feel your circulation improve as your stress disappears.

60 minutes | $80              90 minutes | $110

Sports Massage

Sports work helps prevent injuries by conditioning your muscles for maximum cell recovery and oxygenation by eliminating the lactic acid that causes muscle soreness. An ideal treatment for before and after marathons athletic events and competition. Shower and amenities are provided for after training sessions.

60 minutes | $75             90 minutes | $105

Deep Tissue Therapy

Relieve your chronic or acute pain with Trigger Point Therapy. This advanced clinical treatment incorporates neuromuscular science in its holistic approach to soft tissue injuries and referred pain. The quasi-static pressure technique targets specific muscle areas to relieve discomfort and, over time, potentially correct the problem.

90 minutes | $105              1 hour  | $70                30 Minutes | $55

Couples Massage

Enjoy a therapeutic massage with your significant other in the same room. Each will have his or her own therapist to expertly work away tension and bring a sense of well-being.

60 Minutes | $170             90 Minutes | $215

Mom-to-Be Therapy

If you’re a mom-to-be, you’ll crave this special pregnancy massage service. Baby yourself with a relaxing treatment that eases aches, reduces fluid retention. Your sore legs and fatigued low back with thank you!

1 hour | $65

Lymphatic Drainage

Detoxify your body with this clinical approach to eliminating stagnant lymph fluid. Relax during this very light massage and joint-pumping treatment. This is the perfect treatment after cold season!

80 minutes | $145

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Warm Himalayan salt stones are used during a massage session much like hot stones.  The anti micro-bacterial salt stones melt restrictive connective tissues and assist in calming inflamed muscles which help loosen tight joints.  Himalayan salt stones provide 84 essential minerals and trace compounds which re-mineralizes, detoxifies and alkalizes  the body.  This warm tranquil treatment will leave your skin glowing and your body revitalized!

60 Minutes  |  $80              90 Minutes  |  $110


Another Eastern technique, this full body acupressure treatment stimulates energy flow by focusing on all chi points that correlate with specific areas that need awakening.

80 Minutes  |  $135

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