Floatation Therapy

A dreamy cloud-like escape from reality.

About Floatation Therapy

Our Oasis Relaxation system is 8.2′ long x 4.6′ wide, which leaves plenty of room for comfortable floating. Nearly 1000 lbs. of dead sea salts have been carefully mixed into heated (body temperature) purified water to measure 10 inches of the most perfect liquid bed. The Oasis tank is built of insulated fiberglass so the inside environment is quiet and dark.

The science of floatation, otherwise known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, was created to help significantly induce relaxation via the limitation of outside stimulants.

Protagonistic and antagonistic muscle function is confused by the anti-gravity effect causing tension build up to quickly release. The result: an influx of pure relaxation; endorphins immediately flow from the brain and saturate the periphery to platform the experience of many benefits.

Increased Blood Circulation

The weightless feeling that is felt during floating helps induce relaxation which in turn causes blood flow to increase, encourages faster healing and relief from chronic pain.

Zero Balancing

The neutral position your body experiences while floating helps muscles to relax around the spinal column and encourages natural realignment from poor posture and past injury/trauma.


4x Faster Athletic Recovery

Resting occurs four times faster in a float tank which means you recover faster.  This is great news for Athletes!  Push yourself harder and faster and keep on track with workouts as a result of no down time.

Immunity Boost

The non-stimulating environment allows the body to focus on it’s own need to heal and repair.  A one-hour float is very rejuvenating and strengthens your immune function.

Students : Creativity : Learning

The right and left brain hemispheres communicate more efficiently in a theta brainwave frequency state which promotes better learning/concentration and enhances the memory.

Sleep Deprivation & Jet Lag

 The zero-balancing effect hastens travelers to the current time zone and minimizes inflammation/soreness accumulated in the muscles during a trip.

Floatation Packages & Pricing



Single Session






· epilepsy & other neurological disorders

· incontinence

· menstruation

· high anxiety

· claustrophobia

· severe hypertension

· open wounds

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