Body Services & Detox

Our body services include sugar and salt exfoliation, infrared body wraps, mud or clay wraps, hydrotherapy treatments in combination with various massage techniques to improve overall wellness and detoxification of the body.

Mud Wraps & Dry Brushing

De-Stress & Renew

Signature Detox Collection

Experience a resurgence in your overall wellness!  This detox package includes dry brushing, 60 minutes of therapeutic massage, an iWrap treatment complete with a toning hydromassage bath. 

2 Hours 20 Minutes  |  $220

Anti-Cellulite Cupping Package

Tired of having unsightly lumps on your upper thighs, buttocks or abdomen? Cellulite is believed to be caused by the build up of toxins in stagnant lymph combined with adhesions in the connective tissue within the dermis & muscle tissues.  The Anti-Cellulite Cupping Package will begin with the application of special cream designed to break down excess water retention to kick start the detox. Then your skilled therapist will apply cups; Cupping creates negative pressure which suctions the top layers of skin, facilitating the flow of lymph/toxins out of your system. Oxygen is also pulled into the outermost layers of the skin to help restore healthy circulation which improves the appearance of the orange peel effect. Adhesions are also broken up by the cupping suction which further insures cellulite reduction. A quick deep tissue massage will follow the cupping session to move the released toxins & water from the targeted areas. A 30 minute session in our infrared sauna will follow to further detox the whole body. The heat from the infrared penetrates 3 inches in the upper layers of skin & muscle which vibrate impurities and water retention out of your pores. You may lose up to 6 lbs. and burn 600 calories in 30 minutes. Enjoy a neck, face & scalp massage as you say good-bye to your cellulite!

70 Minutes | $119

Scrub, iWrap & Massage Package

Redeem the brilliant radiance of your skin with one of our signature body treatments that includes a sugar polish, iWrap and massage. The treatment will begin with a far infrared wrap to speed up metabolism so your pores will open and rid the body of impurities, lumps and bumps. During your power detox enjoy a shoulder, neck, face & scalp massage to de-stress. Following is a sugar polish that will remove the dead skin cells to reveal beautiful, soft skin!

90 Minutes | $120

iWrap Detoxification

Purify your body from the inside out with infrared therapy!  This standalone 40 minute detox service uses infrared to purge toxins from the body.  Burn up to 500 calories and reap the same benefit as if you’d run 6 miles after this detox sesh! A heated body means increased metabolism which stimulates the release of unwanted toxins.    Enjoy a head, neck & shoulder massage during your service.

40 minutes | $59

Hydrotherapy Bath

Lay back and relax in our state of the art Hydrotone Thermal bath as 120+ jets massage you into relaxation heaven.  Choose the intensity of water pressure you’d enjoy and experience the melting sensation of your muscles take place.

20 minutes | $56

Pure Bliss Package

Allow your tension & stress to dissipate with a combination of spa treatments that are sure to send you into Bliss! Your skilled therapist will begin your Pure Bliss Package with a 30 minute therapeutic massage to expertly work away stubborn knots & calm distressed muscles. To follow the massage is a 30 minute session in our infrared sauna which relaxes the core muscles and detoxifies the body. After the sauna is a 20 minute hydro massage in our Hydrotone spa tub. Intensified jet massage in the spa tub is sure to release any additional tension harbored by your body which will leave you feeling balanced & rejuvenated.

80 Minutes | $120

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